A Taste of Argentina: Authentic Recipe for Revuelto Gramajo

Argentina, a land known for its rich culinary heritage, offers a plethora of dishes beyond the famed asado, milanesa, and empanadas. One such gem is the Revuelto Gramajo, a classic that holds a revered place on the menus of porteño bodegones and in households across the country. Originating from Buenos Aires in the 1930s, this dish is a delightful ensemble of scrambled eggs with ham, elevated by the addition of crispy “papas pay” or paille (commonly known as “shoestring potatoes” outside Argentina).

While the canonical recipe features eggs scrambled with cooked ham and shoestring potatoes, over time, variations have emerged with the incorporation of ingredients like onions, bell peppers, and peas. Purists may frown upon these deviations, but as a lover of culinary evolution, I embrace the popular taste preferences that have shaped this dish over the years.

Legend has it that the Revuelto Gramajo was concocted by the Gramajo brothers, Arturo and Horacio, scions of Arturo Gramajo, who served as the mayor of Buenos Aires from 1915 to 1916. The birth of this dish is said to have occurred after a night of revelry at the renowned Río Bamba restaurant, nestled at the corner of Riobamba and Santa Fe streets.

Key to mastering this dish is achieving the perfect texture of the eggs—cooked but creamy—and ensuring the shoestring potatoes retain their crispiness. This recipe, while straightforward, demands precision in execution and attention to detail, particularly in the gentle cooking of the eggs.

Recipe Details

Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Achieving the perfect creaminess


  • 1 medium onion (about 200 g)
  • 1 small red bell pepper (about 150 g)
  • The green part of one spring onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 100 g cooked ham
  • 100 g frozen peas
  • 6 medium eggs
  • Fresh parsley to taste
  • ½ kg potatoes
  • Frying oil (sunflower or mild olive oil)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


  1. Prepare the Shoestring Potatoes:
    • Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into very thin sticks, approximately 3 mm thick and 3 cm long. Rinse them in a bowl of water, drain, and pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel.
    • Heat about two fingers of oil in a skillet or pot. Fry the potatoes in batches to prevent overcrowding and sticking. Remove them and let them drain on a tray lined with paper towels.
  2. Prepare the Vegetable Base:
    • Julienne the onion and bell pepper. Sauté them in a large skillet with olive oil until soft and translucent.
  3. Add Additional Ingredients:
    • Add the ham cut into thin strips, sliced garlic, julienned green part of the spring onion, and thawed peas to the skillet. Season with salt and sauté for a few more minutes.
  4. Scramble the Eggs:
    • In a bowl, beat the eggs thoroughly. Season with salt.
    • Reduce the heat to low and pour the beaten eggs into the skillet while continuously stirring. The eggs should set but remain creamy.
  5. Combine Ingredients:
    • Remove the skillet from the heat and mix in the fried shoestring potatoes and chopped fresh parsley.
  6. Serve:
    • Serve the Revuelto Gramajo immediately, ensuring the potatoes maintain their crispiness.


The Revuelto Gramajo stands as a testament to Argentina’s culinary ingenuity, blending simple ingredients to create a dish that delights the palate and evokes a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era. Whether enjoyed in the bustling streets of Buenos Aires or recreated in kitchens around the world, this classic Argentinian dish is sure to leave a lasting impression with its harmonious flavors and comforting appeal