Ethan Munck 2023

Kymbry Robinson remains the spouse of actor Greg Munck and the mother of Noah Munck, who possesses American nationality. The family resides in California, United States. Kymbry Robinson has five progeny, namely, Noah Munck, Ethan Munck, Elijah Munck, Taylor Munck, and Micah Munck.

First Offspring

Noah Munck graced this realm on May 3, 1996. He belongs to the celestial domain of Taurus. Noah, guided by this astral sign, is a loyal individual who encounters challenges in fostering harmonious relationships with others. Noah adheres to a regular fitness regimen to maintain his physical well-being, resulting in an approximate weight of 80 kg or 176.5 pounds.

Furthermore, this comely gentleman possesses emerald irises and dons short, lustrous raven tresses. Since his tender years, Noah harbored aspirations of becoming a thespian, courtesy of his supportive parents. During his formative years, Noah partook in his school’s dramatic productions, all the while participating in the filming of iCarly. At that time, Ethan was a mere eight years of age. Concerning his education, he enrolled in Biola University, embarking on the pursuit of his academic endeavors by majoring in cinema and the arts.

Throughout his career, Noah has remained untarnished by any associations with Hollywood luminaries or entanglements in rumors.

Second Offspring

Taylor Munck entered the world on February 5, 1998, within the borders of the United States. She is renowned for her inclusion within the family. Taylor commenced her tutelage in vocalization, improvisation, and hip-hop dance. Her debut on the silver screen occurred in the comedic opus, The Rainbow Tribe, in 2008. Within this film, she shared the limelight with Grayson Russell.

Taylor Munck, an individual of twenty-four years, demonstrates proficiency as both a versatile vocalist and actress.

Third Offspring

Micah Munck graced this world on June 16, 2000, within the United States. He has garnered distinction as a family-oriented individual, maintaining strong bonds with his kin since early childhood. In 2008, he co-starred alongside David James Elliott in the film The Rainbow Tribe.

Fourth Offspring

Elijah Munck was birthed within the boundaries of the United States during the 2000s. He inaugurated his presence on the Twitter platform in January of 2012. As the great-grandchild of the esteemed actor Bartlett Robinson, renowned for his role in the television series Leave It to Beaver, Elijah remains a scion of a lineage intertwined with the entertainment industry. The dawn of the 2000s witnessed the advent of the internet and the birth of social media. This year witnessed the genesis of Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and YouTube.

Elijah Munck stands as a member of Generation Z, also known as the iGeneration. This cohort represents the first wave of individuals born into a world of internet connectivity, rendering them highly reliant on technology. Elijah Munck, akin to numerous distinguished luminaries, prefers to safeguard the privacy of his personal life.

Fifth Offspring

Ethan graced the world on October 22, 2003. He has graced several television productions throughout his acting career, including The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows in 2017, Shrek Retold in 2018, New Girl in 2013, and Fresh Off the Boat in 2015.

This thespian possesses a stature of 5 feet 3 inches, accompanied by a weight of approximately 143.5 pounds or 65 kilograms. Ethan possesses cerulean orbs and sports short, lustrous tawny locks.


As of 2022, Kymbry Robinson’s net worth is approximated at $75k. While this sum may appear substantial to some readers, it is customary for celebrities to amass such wealth owing to their relentless toil and unwavering commitment to their craft.